Carbine Defense 2

Started on April 12, 2021

The one day defensive Carbine training 2 course is an adaptive course designed to give the beginner shooter the proper handgun fundamentals, the class focuses on the basic fundamentals of proper grip, sight alignment and sight picture. The class will adapt for students as they progress thru the day adding more stress and how to balance speed and accuracy.

students will be required to perform in less-than-ideal shooting positions against threats. This course is physically demanding and the pace may be higher than some students may have experienced before. We try to apply as much stress as possible to hone skills on the gun user under closer to real-world Scenarios.
This course is open to anyone, at any skill level, who wants to enhance their skills with a pistol. Itus defense has developed a system for teaching students the foundation skill sets and mindset required to become a better shooter. We cover everything from gun safety to the laws around owning, carrying and operating a handgun, the fundamentals of relative and defensive marksmanship, as well as reloading and malfunction clearing in a safe learning environment!

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