Introduction to Firearms

Our Introduction to firearms Class covers California gun laws and federal laws. Our course covers firearm safety and the different types of firearms sold in California. We also cover how to buy firearms, store them, and handle them in any environment. We cover the nomenclature of handguns, shotguns, AR-15 rifles, and bolt action rifles. The class will discuss what to do in an emergency situation in your home. When the class is done, every student will have basic knowledge of California gun laws and firearms nomenclature.

Introduction to firearms training is a great way to get into shooting. We give people the knowledge to understand California laws and how every firearm works that someone could buy in California. This class will give students the mindset to buy and be a responsible gun owner.

We can help with purchasing a firearm with our gun store 3 doors down from us at guns and stuff. This allows shooters to pick from a different selection of firearms at a good price.

We will also show the fundamentals of holding different types of firearms, also sight alignment and sight picture. The different types of ammunition for all the firearms that the class will present. We cover the proper handling of every firearm and how to use the safety device.

The price includes the Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC Test) at the end of the class.

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